Event News


Normally in November, the Detroit Story League hosts Tellabration!, a world-wide celebration of storytelling in the form of an evening of storytelling for adults. Our normal venue is undergoing renovations, so we have decided to focus on next year when we look forward to once again hosting this beloved night of entertainment.

Please feel free to attend one of our monthly meetings to enjoy storytelling and a workshop. You can find a schedule here. We hope to see you at our Children's Concert and Story Slam events later this year. Thank you for all of your support and we'll see you soon!

About the Detroit Story League

The Detroit Story League is a service organization providing storytellers for schools, libraries, churches, clubs, retirement homes, and other organizations throughout the Metropolitan area. We are afilliated with the National Storytellers League and the National Storytelling Network.

The DSL is for people who enjoy listening to and/or telling stories! Storytellers are teachers, librarians, writers, professional storytellers, or simply people who love to tell a good story in any place at any time!

At our monthly meetings, we feature three tellers followed by a storytelling workshop. We bring our lunches to enjoy as we listen to the stories. Join us for a meeting and see what we’re all about! We’d love to see you there!

What Kinds of Stories?

People often ask what kinds of stories we tell. Your imagination is the limit! We tell folk and fairy-tales, nursery rhymes, epic poetry, tandem stories (told with a partner), participation stories (with audience interaction), personal narratives, historical stories, scary stories, and more!

Some members write their own stories, while others adapt existing stories. When telling a story created by someone else, unless it's out of copyright, please get permission before you use it! And if you're telling a story about people who are alive and well, you may want to ask them first, just to be polite!